dimanche 3 février 2008

China off the Hook...Again

hhSince even before the dawn of the Forex Blog, commentators have been speculating that the US Treasury Department would officially brand China as a "currency manipulator" in its semi-annual report to Congress. Such a label is important because it would enable the US to levy tariffs and other economic penalties against China. However, another report has been issued, and one more time the Treasury Department glossed over China's de facto control over the Yuan. The report did criticize China for failing to appreciate the RMB rapidly enough, since the 12% gains it has racked up over the last two years have been largely offset by inflation. The report also referred to China's widening trade surplus and accompanying growth in foreign exchange reserves. US politicians, however, are less than pleased, and are preparing to take matters into their own hands. The Associated Press reports:
"In refusing to brand China as a currency manipulator, which is so obvious, the Administration gives Congress no choice but to act on its own. This report is the strongest case possible for our legislation," said [one high-ranking Senator] Schumer.
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